Preventative Dentistry

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Preventative Dentistry - Teeth Cleaning - Dental Exams - X-rays at Mountain View

Preventative dentistry is dental care that is provided to maintain healthy teeth and gums through appointments such as teeth cleanings, exams, X-rays and sometimes fluoride treatments. With these types of preventative appointments, patients are able to have a better chance of preventing problems in their mouth, teeth, and gums.

How often should you come in for Teeth Cleaning?

Each person’s smile is unique and the number of times needed to clean and maintain healthy teeth is based on a person’s gum and teeth health. Most healthy smiles do well with a minimum of two teeth cleanings per year and an annual dental exam. X-ray diagnosis is recommended once per year. They may also be recommended in case of tooth pain and gum diseases.

Why do you need dental exams and dental x-rays?

Dental Exams and teeth X-rays are helpful to have at least once per year to keep an eye on what is going on beneath the gum line and in the bone and jaw area of the roots of teeth.

A visual exam by the dentists also allows the dentist to spot things that a person cannot see on their own. Our team of dentists provides a thorough dental exam at a designated appointment annually. Your smile might need additional teeth cleaning or a visit to the dentist to help the periodontal (gum tissue) become healthy.

If your gums bleed when you brush and floss, this may be a sign of tissue inflammation. Talk with our trained hygienists and dentists at your next visit if you believe you are at the early stages of gum diseases.

Gum disease treated early can stop further damage to the tissue in the mouth as well as keeps the roots of your teeth and jaw bone from further damage. Routine visits with the hygiene and dental team help patients keep fresh breath, healthy gums, stop gums from bleeding and remove stains, plaque and tartar from their teeth so that teeth can remain strong and healthy for a lifetime.

Teeth Cleaning & Dental Exams

If you want to take the best possible care of your teeth, Smiles Dental wants to help keep your smile healthy. Aside from daily brushing and flossing at home, regular teeth cleanings by a professional along with exams and dental X-rays can achieve proper maintenance of a healthy smile.

At Smiles Dental we strive to make you feel comfortable. We provide a numbing gel, warm water, and ultrasonic teeth cleaning along with hand-scaling in a gentle manner. Large TV screens and music is provided for patients to help them adjust to the environment.

What to expect at your teeth cleaning

A professional teeth cleaning allows for patients to have areas of their teeth and below their gum line cleaned. Additional areas that are looked after include a review of your health history, an oral cancer screening and the removal of plaque and tartar. Any areas that are sensitive are also discussed and scheduled for care. The function of your teeth and the way they come together when biting and chewing are also reviewed.

Patients with dental fillings, crowns, bridges and implants are also assured that a dentist is available to help keep these restorations in good condition. If it has been a while since your last check-up and teeth cleaning, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our wonderful hygiene and dental team.

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