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Tooth Extraction at Mountain View, CA

There are several reasons as to why you need to get your teeth pulled out. It could be because of a crack or an infection that cannot be fixed by a simple dental procedure or it could be root canal problems that are far out of the league. The only option in such cases is to extract or replace the affected teeth.

Severe cracks that could eventually lead to decay and misalignment of teeth are also plausible reasons why your dentist or oral surgeon might recommend a tooth extraction procedure for you.

Tooth Extraction Procedure:

The tooth extraction procedure varies with respect to the tooth that is being extracted and the reason for the procedure to having been followed in the first place. If the tooth is infected or has a minor crack, it can be pulled out by rocking it to widen the socket directly after the supplication of anesthesia to prevent discomfort. In case the tooth is severely cracked, has a serious infection or the root canal is damaged, the tooth will have to be removed in small fragments.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare:


It’s basic knowledge that after a tooth extraction, there will be a small hole in your jaw bone. This will be healed by your body over time, but for the first couple of weeks, you may feel a little discomfort.


Naturally, after a tooth has been pulled out, there will be a small amount of bleeding. To control this, your dentist will place moist gauze over the empty socket and ask you to bite on it for thirty minutes. In case you experience bleeding long after the tooth has been removed, you should contact your dentist or oral surgeon.

Blood Clots in the Empty Socket:

Blood clots are our body’s way of filling in gaps that need filling. They are very important during the healing process as only if the hole in your tooth socket is closed will the body be able to fill the gap in the jaw bone. For this reason, most orthodontists will encourage the formation and spread of blood clots. And for that, you will be asked to avoid rinsing, spitting, smoking, drinking hot liquids and using a straw or toothpick until your jaw heals.


Doctors will recommend that you should avoid brushing the general area of extraction for 24 hours, after which you can resume gentle brushing of your teeth and tongue. You will also be asked to avoid using commercial mouthwash or rinses as they can interfere with the healing process.


To avoid breaking the blood clots in your healing jaw bone, it is recommended that you chew using the other side of your jaw for a while. A liquid diet is also recommended for this time period.

Pain, Swelling and Dry Socket:

A slight discomfort is natural after a tooth has been extracted. If the pain is a little too much for you, you can use non-prescription over-the-counter pain relief medications. In case the pain persists, it is recommended to contact a dentist.

Swelling is also a normal response of your body after a tooth has been pulled. To counter this, use an ice pack on your cheek for 10 minutes. Let your face free for 20 minutes and then repeat this cycle for 24 hours. Same as the pain, if the swelling persists, it is better to see your dentist.

Less than 5 percent of people who get a tooth pulled experience dry socket. It is a complication that dislodges or dissolves the clot that is meant to help your jaw heal a couple of days after the extraction. This leaves the bone and nerves exposed to air, food, fluid, and all other foreign objects. Because of this, an infection may occur in the affected area that will last for up to 5 to 6 days.Your dentist might prescribe antibiotics to counter this infection and you can prevent it by avoiding tobacco and other harmful supplements.

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