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Teeth Whitening at Mountain View, CA

Due to age, stains from drinking tea or coffee and other hard beverages and accumulation of tartar, our teeth slowly lose their lustre. Teeth Whitening is the most effective and cost-affordable method which ensures that your teeth remain healthy and your smile becomes dazzling.

Teeth Whitening and bleaching help in restoring the natural color of the teeth and make them whiter and beautiful. There are different ways to brighten teeth, such as whitening strips or over-the-counter products, but the best method is to get a professional cleaning done.

What is the Procedure Involved in Teeth Whitening?

  • First, the dentist places a cover on the gums to protect them during the procedure. Then, the whitening agent is placed on the teeth. The in-office procedure involves the use of hydrogen peroxide which is applied directly onto the teeth.
  • After the whitening agent is applied, the dentist shines a light on your teeth; this is a very important part of the procedure. This activates the gel so that it works well on your teeth and removes stains.
  • There are many different tooth whitening methods; the most common is the use of whitening strips or gel by the dentist.
  • In-office whitening usually takes 30-90 minutes. Unlike Zoom Whitening, certain whitening procedures take 1 to 3 check ups.
  • The number of appointments depends upon the method used by the dentist, how severe your stains are, and how white you want your teeth to be.

What are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

There are many benefits to getting your teeth whitened by a professional. It is a safe procedure and your dentist will make sure that you are completely comfortable while undergoing it. You will have brighter teeth, and all the previous stains will no longer be visible. After having your teeth whitened you will have more confidence in your smile and you will be motivated to take care of your oral health. To get such benefits and healthier teeth, contact a qualified professional today.

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