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Root Canal at Mountain View, CA

Root Canal

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is the dental treatment of the nerve, pulp tissue that is located in the center of the tooth and down the center of the root portion.

When teeth are heavily decayed and the decay is into the pulp chamber of the tooth, the tooth needs a root canal treatment.

Sometimes if a tooth has a fracture that goes deeply into the center of the tooth, it causes the need of a root canal.

Some patients do not feel any pain with teeth that are fractured. This can lead to bacteria and sugars to enter into the area of the tooth that is not easily cleaned. With long term infestation, the internal part of the tooth can become affected. This is why it is important to have periodic X-rays taken to spot some indications that your tooth may be at risk of internal infections.

If a tooth has been diagnosed and needs a root canal and is not treated, the tooth will not get well on its own. It is not a reversible condition, meaning that it cannot heal on its own without proper root canal treatment. Just because the tooth no longer hurts, does not mean that you are not at risk of further infection.

Re-treatment of a Root Canal Tooth:

Re-treatment of pre-existing root canaled tooth is sometimes needed. There are various reasons why a tooth that has had a root canal would need re-treatment. Microscopic bacteria from exposed decay can affect a previously treated root as well as a fracture of a previously root canaled tooth can also cause bacteria to re infect the inside of the tooth.

Our general dentistry team is available to help examine and assess your tooth pain and the condition of the internal portion of your teeth so that all measures of preventative care are provided to avoid teeth from needing a root canal treatment. Patients who need a complex surgical procedure are referred to specialists for proper care and treatment.

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