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Panoramic Dental X-ray at Mountain View, CA

This modern dental technology is efficient and scans the upper and lower jaw of a person's mouth. The Panoramic radiograph determines what problems afflict your teeth and your jaws. The X-rays seek out and detect underlying dental pain, perform orthodontic assessments, and find out if there are any underlying problems with your teeth and soft tissues.

As opposed to traditional radiographs, the panoramic X-ray provides data regarding the patient's entire oral health. It represents the entire tooth structure in a way that makes it easier for a dentist to efficiently analyse the problems of the patient.

Why do you need Panoramic X-rays?

Panoramic X-rays provide an easy and accessible picture of the entire mouth. They are useful in dispensing information about fractures, tooth decay, abnormalities in tooth structure and tissues. An important feature of these x-rays is that they can detect tumors, abbesses, and cysts so that they can be treated quickly. The dentist can use the panoramic X-rays to get straight to the root of the problem. It is efficient and can often detect problems before they become threatening to the patient.

There are different types of X-rays such as Bitewing X-rays that show images of the upper and lower back teeth of the patient. Periapical X-rays show the entire tooth and are useful for detecting minuscule problems below the gum line as well. Panoramic X-rays provide an overall view of the patient's tooth structure rather than just a singular component.

What is the Procedure to get a Panoramic X-ray Done?

Before the procedure, the patient is covered with a lead apron that shields him from radiation that is emitted by the machine. In order to get a good view of the teeth, the patient is made to bite down on something, usually cardboard or plastic. While the patient does this, an X-ray machine takes pictures of the teeth as it circles the patient's head. After this, the doctor obtains the panoramic X-ray of the teeth and evaluates the possible problems.

The Panoramic X-ray helps in diagnosing those patients who are unable to open their mouth or move their jaws. It provides overall bone coverage and presents the overall view of the patient’s mouth.

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