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Inlays and Onlays at Mountain View, CA

Cavities, fractured teeth, misshapen and uneven teeth are problems that plague many different people. To fight this dire problem, dentists make use of Inlays or Onlays which help to restore teeth back to their original and uniform state. An inlay is an indirect filling that is constructed and then fitted into the tooth cavity. An onlay is the same as an inlay but it forms an outer covering for the tooth and gives it a proper shape. These fillings are different from direct fillings because they are externally made by the dentist and only then are they fit into the dental cavity.

What is the Procedure for Inlays and Onlays?

Before setting the Inlay or Onlays, the decay is removed from the tooth. The dentist cleans the affected area thoroughly so that any bacteria or decay does not interfere with the process. Later an impression of the cavity is created, in which the filling is to be placed. The material from which the filling is to be constructed is carefully matched to the enamel of the patient's tooth. Once the impression of the filling is complete, it is bonded to the tooth.

What are the Benefits of Having Inlays or Onlays?

  • They are long-term and efficient solutions to fixing one's tooth structure.
  • Since they are not put directly in the cavity, these fillings must be very precise and they are specially crafted to fit in the dental cavity.
  • The Inlays and Onlays help to preserve the patient's natural tooth enamel.
  • These fillings are extremely durable and are less likely to get discolored over time.
  • Since the Inlays and Onlays are custom-fit, it does not require the dentist to shape or scrape the tooth structure to fit the fillings.

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