Dentures at Mountain View, CA

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Dentures at Mountain View, CA

Dentures are basically a removable set of complete or partial artificial teeth on a frame that can be fitted either on the upper or lower jaw. These are singularly useful if you have lost many or all of your teeth. This loss of teeth could be because of old age, hereditary issues or physical injury. All in all, dentures are recommended by the majority of dental surgeons around the world in case you want to make yourself feel comfortable while smiling, laughing and talking.

There are three vast varieties of dentures.

Partial Dentures:

These are basically several artificial teeth, mounted on a frame that can be clasped onto your jaw. Partial dentures essentially replace several teeth but not an entire arch. The base they are fitted on is usually a pink gum-colored plastic mount that can be easily secured into place and removed as and when required. Partial dentures allow you to keep your existing discoloured, crooked or malformed teeth. And although these may impact the aesthetic dental results, the overall functionality will be restored to a great extent.

Full Dentures:

Unlike partial dentures, full dentures replace a whole arch that is the complete set of teeth on your upper or lower jaws. These teeth are mounted onto a similar gum-colored clasp and can be secured inside your mouth using a simple suction mechanism or any basic dental adhesive. Unless these dentures are implant-secured, they can easily be removed to be cleaned.

Implant-Secured Dentures:

Implant-secured dentures are simply artificial teeth that are mounted onto a frame and fixed on your jaw using implants. There are two categories in this type of dentures—removable implant-secured dentures and permanent implant-secured dentures.

As the name suggests, removable implant-secured dentures are fixed into place using two or more implant mechanisms that allow the user to clasp them in and out of their mouth very easily. These mechanisms use the principle of anchor points to keep the frames secure. Permanent implant-secured dentures, on the other hand, are permanently attached to your jaw using specially spaced dental implants. They are also referred to as all-on-four dentures.

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