Dental Technology at Mountain View, CA

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Dental Technology at Mountain View, CA

Experience the Powerful Fusion of Technology and Care at Mountain View, CA

We live in a rapidly developing techno centric world. Every aspect of our life has been touched by the swerving tentacles of technology. When it comes to oral hygiene, we at Smiles Dental care leave no stone unturned to make use of the latest technologies. Equipped with several cutting-edge technologies, our dentists can make your dental treatment more efficient and cost-effective. Making our patients’ smile wider is our priority and we go miles to achieve this.

3D Cone Beam Scan:

One such latest technology we use is called 3D Cone Beam Scan. The procedure is quick and convenient: all the patient must do is sit on a chair for a 10-second scan. From this fast scan, your dentist can view computer-generated images of the patient’s facial bones and teeth, that too from any angle. 3D cone beam scan also provides the option to view these images in colour!

i-CAT 3D Imaging:

This technology provides the dentist with high resolution images and detailed three dimensional views of your dental anatomy. The 3D dental imaging enables dentists to effectively plan dental implant placements and aids them in tooth extractions. The crystal-clear images assist in optimal visualization of facial anatomy thereby increasing the efficacy of your dental treatment.

Digital X-rays:

Mountain View dentists Dr. Bill Hall, Dr. Tiffany Chan, and Dr. J. Janice Chou are committed to ensuring patients’ overall health. Our latest addition to the long list of state-of-the-art technology is digital X-rays. Digital X-rays diagnosis is indeed a commendable innovation in dental safety as it enables dentists to lower the radiation levels to which patients are exposed.

Obtaining digital X-rays is a piece of cake for both the dentist and the patient. In this simple procedure, a very small camera is inserted into the mouth of the patient. The moment the camera finishes taking a picture of your mouth, an image pops up on the computer screen allowing the patient himself to view any dental problems and talk to the dentist about it right away. We bank on the greatest technologies of the world to help you flash a perfect smile all the time.

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