Cosmetic Tooth Bonding at Mountain View, CA

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Cosmetic Tooth Bonding at Mountain View, CA

What is Cosmetic Tooth Bonding?

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding targets teeth that are stained, uneven, or unsightly. Tooth Bonding involves the use of a resin that blends in with one's teeth and hardens under a certain light.

Do you need Cosmetic Tooth Bonding?

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding is a marvelous procedure for the revival of one's oral health. It is a useful procedure for people who are insecure about their oral health and wish to have healthier and brighter smiles. Cosmetic Tooth Bonding is available for those who face problems like tooth decay and uneven teeth. It helps to make one's teeth appear more uniform by getting rid of unsightly gaps. It also shields the roots of those teeth which are exposed due to the recession of gums.

What is the Procedure for Cosmetic Tooth Bonding?

  • Upon deciding to undergo a Cosmetic procedure, it is important to get all the important information from your dentist so that you can get the best results.
  • During the Cosmetic Tooth Bonding process, anesthesia’s not required unless there is tooth decay.
  • The dentist uses a resin that resembles your tooth color, so that it easily blends in with your tooth structure and looks natural.
  • The surface on which the resin is to be applied is smoothened and cleaned. After this, the tooth-colored resin is applied and shaped per the desired form.
  • A laser or ultraviolet light is then used on the teeth, to ensure that the resin is hardened and securely bonded onto the teeth.

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding is the quickest and most effective measure to ensure that your teeth are in tip-top shape. The procedure does not take more than 30-60 minutes at most, and provides immediate results. It is also one of the cheapest cosmetic procedures available to improve the appearance of one's smile.

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